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On the 10/25, there was a special release and reprogramming of our divine earth mother standing in her power once again and for all. After abuse and being beaten up by anger and narcissistic personalities for years and years, she finally said “no more”, and this was released and let go. This way reflected in many of our lives. We may no longer hold these vibrations in our being or in our lives in the higher dimensions and frequencies. There has been a massive shift and many of you may have experienced something like this in your life in your own way that related to this. It is deeply felt NOW with all the amazing shifting that is happening in each moment. Everyone will continue to purge what ever doesn’t serve their highest version of themself. 🥰

I experienced this in my reality with my mother and a lower vibrational dynamic of anger and narcissism that was in place for the last 27 years with my brother. She finally stood in her power after some guidance I gave her so she could bring this out. I reminded her that she shouldn‘t continue to be disrespected in her own home and that when she stands in her power to not allow that anymore, it will end. Finally, this helped her to recognize her true power again and to stand in it and not be afraid. Everything shifted instantly and I could see it happening right before me. Years of tears and hurt were shed and released. A wave of relief rushed over her.💜

No god/goddess deserves to be treated with such disrespect over and over by anyone. The treatment we accept from others towards us, shows how much we truly love ourself. Everyone has outbreaks or their moments of venting, but when someone disrespect others constantly, blame others for their problems, twists everything back on you like everything is your fault, and lashes their anger out all the time on others, it is time for them to go. They are the ones who need to learn how to react differently and not be triggered by the external world so harshly all the time. We must not allow this abusive behavior from others towards us or it can continue a repetitive pattern and ruin our mental balance, emotional balance, and life.💛

Those of you who have experienced someone like this know what I am talking about. Remember to please leave any situation that doesn’t serve your highest good or play a necessary part in your life anymore. Things happen, but when it is a repetitious pattern of something over and over, this is the universe pointing something out to you! Listen to this or you may make yourself suffer when you don’t even need to.💚 The goal of standing in your power is to make sure that you do not allow certain things in your life or for others to treat you in certain ways. You decide what feels right for you, and create those necessary boundaries for yourself so you may live your life with happiness and gratitude for everyone that is in your life. How can you do this if someone in your life is constantly abusing you and hurting you and you are cowering, backing down, or allowing it? Some have been so hurt themselves and don‘t know what to do with all of that hurt so they throw in on others. We don’t have to be the trash can they dump it in. We don’t have to allow others to always make us feel like we are the problem when they clearly aren’t accepting their own faults and blaming them on others or twisting everything back around in others. By allowing this behavior towards us all the time from others, we only beat up ourself, so in the end it is our fault we feel this way Or attract this behavior towards us. Now if we are helping others heal these aspects it is a different story. We truly are helping others heal these aspects of themself if this is the case but it can also mean we are healing or recognizing this too.💙

Setting High values and standards for ourself is important to live out the peaceful, happy, fun, loving life that most of us truly want to live (or live already).🧡

After all, most of us truly just love to do the things we are passionate about, yet many of us have allowed others to control or stop us in some way from doing them. No more! This is standing in your power and claiming your power to create your reality and not allow others to negatively influence us and our decisions. It means fully letting go the fear and doubt they have only been mirroring in us. It means letting go our lack of self worth and value. It means CLAIMING WHO YOU TRULY ARE. Remember to stand up for what you truly feel to be true in your heart, because it matters so much! ❤️


Love you ALL,

KEVIN 🧝🏼‍♂️🦁⚡️💛🙏🏼💎

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