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I will NOT wear a mask, I CHOOSE FREEDOM!

I share this with the deepest LOVE FOR ALL.

Take more bites from the sun, not the apple. 😉🔆

No, I will NOT wear a mask and be your slave. I will NOT be “con”ed or “con”trolled”. I will NOT participate in your evil rituals and manipulative, delusive games. 🔥⚡️


I will also not be distracted or deceived, by your fake media or news and diversive information. One can NOT hide from the truth and It is exposed now. The truth is out about the pedophile ring, plus much more, and now Justice is served to those involved. Millions of innocent children are free and accounted for.💛💚

We claim our power of the collective energetic frequencies in LOVE, PEACE, and HARMONY. Our focus as a collective shifts more into what matters the more everyone realizes and becomes aware, and participates in their own self love and self care. 💚

I will happily breathe my fresh mountain air, get my amazing synergy and “Sun”ergy, I will hug as many people as I want and will continue to bring the LOVE to this world that we truly deserve and are. I will feed my body high energy thoughts, emotions, and high frequency physical sun/earth foods. 🔆💛

Viruses are infact not even spreadable from a higher level of consciousness. When you are awoken and in your true power, Nothing is contagious or receivable from another because nothing has that kind of power over you. You recognized already that you are your source of divine health. They wanted you to feel powerless or dependent on them when infact, You are already of TRUE DIVINE HEALTH naturally. Therefore, nothing external to you or energetically can harm you unless you deem it true for yourself or allow it to.💛💗

For it is those who are vulnerable in the mind who are vulnerable to believing there is an invisible virus, dis-ease, or sickness that will kill them. We do not have to give our freedom or mind away and obey. Do NOT let fear mongers control your perspective. They will eat you alive on the lower dimensions to feed them and their parasitic system.❤️

You are your own protection and are protected naturally when conscious of your true power. It is NOT disrespectful to not wear a mask and don’t let them make you think so or be ashamed of shining your light. It isn’t protecting anyone from anything. It is actually diminishing and draining your energy, light, and power to give into this mask wearing. One must reclaim their sovereignty within as their natural birth right.🧡

You are NOT stupid, you are NOT just a rag doll to stomp on, use, and abuse unless you deem yourself such. You are so much more special than that and YOU deserve to be treated like the KING/QUEEN you are. So say no, and do NOT consent to any of the lower vibrational/dimensional and fear based bullshit if you want to love the path of the light embodied. You don’t have to be one of their experimental rats or sheep.💚

STOP believing in the chaos and madness that appears before you and LIVE IN your TRUTH, not the one they taught you to be to feed them. None of these tactics and strategies that have been being used on humanity are new. They have just been very good at hiding things in plain sight and covering of truth with lies. With the awoken and open heart and third eye/pineal gland, one can see straight through all the lies and filters that have been put in place. The best way to navigate through all of the dense energy is to be at peace within oneself. By staying mad or angry, it will only become your experience more and more. It is best to rise above it.💜

People have died from the toxic relationship they have had with themself. This is a lack of self LOVE people carried within themself and it burdened many. Some have also chosen to leave. The Deaths occurring are from “pre-existing” conditions that people never dealt with within themself. Energy blockages occur from suppression of emotions, and the poison that is fed to you or that you consume as a naive/vulnerable mind. Negative Thoughts, stress, fear, negative emotion, chemicals are all contributors to this. 🔆

One must learn from this if they desire to live a longer healthier life, free of corruption, sickness, and dis-ease. ❤️

The greatest thing one can do especially during these times is LOVE and embrace themself through their process of healing and integrating the new found wisdom and perspectives. As truth comes up one must allow themself to accept everything as it is, has been, and will be. Acceptance is key.💚

Some hue-mans take self LOVE to heart and others didn’t take it seriously. Choosing not to love oneself has its consequences. Emotions that have not been let go, perspectives they weren’t willing to shift killed them inside. The brain, heart, thoughts, or emotions were poisoned if not all of these. They couldn’t make it through this grand shift into higher vibrations because they were still of the lower vibrations and holding onto them. Detachment is key. Do NOT fear anyone. 💛

You either rise and heal from your wounds of the past and shift your old perspectives from fear based to LOVE based or you will disappear from this rising world. WE CAME here to make this grand shift within ourself, in and on this EARTH (HEART). Do not suppress your old emotions or they will develop as many forms of disease, disorder, or sickness in the mind and body. They must be felt expressed and embraced. When the energy body, emotional body, and mental body is clear and healthy, so is the physical body. Recognize this. 🧡

This “crown” virus is Not from some external invisible virus released from China. This was only the ploy presented to you to prepare for this new world rising, the agenda and clearing of the old to allow the new, and this massive shift and awakening of many souls moving forward. This is an amazing step and shift for us all and many of us have worked hard for this to happen. This also means that the old energy and people/beings who are part of the parasitic system, will either choose to shift or will perish. The mask shows how many people have had infected minds, blocked corona “crown” chakras, and pineal glands (third eyes). Some would not be able to make it past the threshold into the higher dimensions unless they are willing to shift themself. Some held on to too much suffering and suppressed their emotions not allowing themself to be free from suffering and torment. This ultimately hardened them inside, thus leading to the death of them. Does this mean that those who die are all evil? AbSOULutely NOT, but many got lost and confused or just plain didn’t know how to deal with their pain inside. Some merely just didn’t know how to let it go. Some were also soulless beings. Some chose not to embody the light which left them tormented inside in some way or aspect. This does NOT have to be your choice, and neither choice is right nor wrong, and you are free to do as you please.💜

This is a mass cleansing of the earth (Heart) mother ship and it will continue operating at optimum just as intended. The agenda is going exactly as planned and we enjoy every moment. ❤️

The truth always comes to the light. You cannot hide from the truth. Many hue-mans became part of the parasitic 3D matrix system thinking they can hide and they also can’t make it through the veil unless they choose by free will to shift into LOVE and rise. By allowing others to control you and abuse you, you only continue to abuse yourself. The root cause of suffering is attachment, especially when attached to fear. Stop watching fear porn and do NOT allow the fear mongers to manipulate your mind. Remember government literally means “control of the mind”. 💗

Masks are worn by those in fear and misunderstanding. They don’t know they have just been manipulated and “con”trolled”. The masks are a form of control. Infact, you are not actually protecting anyone by wearing a mask. You are only showing how unaware you are and they are able to see that. They are able to see all of those who are still blind. You do realize these people are laughing at all of you who are “obeying” their orders right? 💜

TRUMP has been an amazing face for humanity surfacing and getting a lot of hatred and anger out and transmuted. Send him LOVE. There has been mucH behind the scenes being taken care of as all this distraction has been going on. You’ve seen in TRUMP and his clones, the battles you have or have not been fighting within yourself. He is of the light and has merely reflected back to all the imbalances within each and everyone of us. For if we are aware we see LOVE IN ALL. 💗

People Under the “veil” are the veiled or “masked” faces. Wearing Masks. Masked=calcified pineal glands. The Beings still operating in fear-based thinking and programming, which was instilled since birth are cords one must cut. The masked, think they are being respectful when they are actually giving up their divine birth right of FREEDOM. Obeying is a cowardly act. We should never give up the right to breathe fresh air and get sun. This is the apocalypse or “unveiling”, the uncovering, the rediscovery of oneself. 💚

Filtered and still blind to all that they could truly be experiencing, the mask wearers always have their free will, even though it has been hijacked and stolen from them in many ways. This may be a harsh truth for some to accept and that is okay. It is better to have the uncomfortable TRUTH than selling you lies your entire life and then, you feeding a system designed to enslave and feed off of the innocent, including the children all to gain more power and control over others. They sit there and laugh at you, you know that right? Because you listen to there bullshit. 💚💜

Social distancing? This is a joke. It has actually been physical distancing that has happened. Social distancing would be not talking, but this distancing has been physical. Isolation for many has been a blessing as they have gone more within, done some self healing and self realization all to awaken to who we truly are again. For others it has made them resent others or show them how divided, in fear, and resentful they still are inside. Either way it has brought up, surfaced, and healed many wounds within each individual. It is an amazing thing. 💚

6 feet? What is 6 feet apart going to do for you if this was the most deadly virus Killing millions (so they say)? Nothing. You can NOT escape your own wounds that need to be healed or past that must be released. This is part of ascension within oneself, letting go and shedding all that no longer serves you in this NOW. This is no bad or evil thing that is happening but a grand shift of consciousness. The largest war ever, was based on the war of consciousness and is a spiritual war of consciousness. This happens within each individual as they embody and recognize who they truly are again as a hue-man. A being of light and in the spectrum of light.💛💚

The numbers of deaths are not true on Television “Tell Lie Vision”, nor will the masks actually filter out a virus, but make you lack oxygen to your brain and cause other health problems along with others not seeing the beautiful smile on your face everyday. Also the boxes of masks say “does not prevent COVID19 on it along with other viruses. Many masks have also been tampered with chemicals sprayed on them. With a chemical to aid in decalcifying the pineal glands this would be very effective for humanity awakening, but this has not been the case.💛

The masks that are worn do not prevent virus spread, they only show how much you are still willing to obey and be controlled out of your own fear of “authority”. This goes for businesses and establishments too. They don’t have power over what you allow in your work place and establishment at all as this is your right to choose. There is no need to fear death or being hurt. You do not need to fear anyone or anything when you are the most powerful and amazing LOVE SOURCE energy which nothing can over power in a lower fear based dimension. 💜💚

Who you truly are and the power you have has been suppressed and hidden from the rest of the masses and humanity for a long time.



YOU ARE THE MOST BEAUTIFUL GIFT to this world and beyond.

YOU are meant to enjoy your life! NOT be a slave like you were taught. Conform, Obey, Mask yourself. NO!

This virus they tell you is curable by washing your hands and getting sun. Then they tell you not to get sun, go outside or breathe air? Anything making sense yet??? Wake up people!!! Everything is truly just common sense in the endless loop of lies to be seen. Claim your power, sovereignty, and know your are of true divine health, No matter what they tell you about yourself. Everything that you could ever need is within you. Don’t allow someone else to tell you they have power over you and your natural given birth rights as a beautiful being of this EARTH (HEART). We are free to BE And think for ourself. 💗💜

You will notice that the more you mentally and emotionally detach yourself from the parasitic paradigm, that there is a whole other life out there for you. It has always been available but needed to be recognized and remembered by you within. Just because others live a certain way or choose to give their freedom and power away doesn’t mean you have to. There is a beautiful life free of all torment and suffering if one allows themself to truly see it, believe it, live it, and BE it. 💗

We must continue being, and believing in the golden age of LOVE and be in this energy NOW to be able to see it in the world. We are in the midst of such an amazing collective awakening and EVERYTHING is going perfectly as it should as always. We don’t have time for focusing on all the bullshit that the fake media and news presents to us and the only reason it is there is because people pay attention to it. It’s a waste of time and life. Stop watching it. 💛

Send LOVE to the ones who are aiding the collective purge of humanities imbalances.

Send LOVE to all who can use it most, remind them of how loved and love able they are. Help them shed their veils, be a divine god/goddess in your light and in the flesh as ONE. 💗

Stay FREE and sovereign my friends, unless you choose to be manipulated and controlled by power hungry beings who have fed on fear for eons. 💗

Some of the greatest things you can do are:










You want to learn how to live out of this old paradigm or need to drop any of the weight? Feel free to come with me on this journey. 💜

Know you have a choice. The TRUTH sets you free. Again, Take more bites from the SUN rather than the apple. 😉🔆

I came to walk this world as the ONE true King and will continue to do so.🧝🏼‍♂️🤴


KEVIN HOLTZ🧝🏼‍♂️🦁🔥🧡🔆⚡️

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