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Self Boundaries Are KEY!

Self boundaries are key to staying in one’s true power.🧡

Boundaries are shields and lines we draw for ourself by choice, to stand in our true power and to stay in a specific frequency of being. Boundaries are super important for us and show the strength of self discipline we have and are. Boundaries show the self respect we have, what we will allow for ourselves, and how we accept to be treated by others are in our presence. What we allow into our reality mentally, emotionally, spiritually, and physically matters for our personal alignment.🧡

When one doesn’t create boundaries for themself, life can feel chaotic or uncontrollable. Everyone knows the feeling. It can feel like everything around us is controlling us and it isn’t a great feeling. Without boundaries there is an endless cycle and loop of us cowering or being manipulated by others, yet when this happens, truly we are doing this to ourself or allowing this for ourself. Other people may also walk all over you, argue with you, or resist you in every way when boundaries aren't stated firmly within your being. Think of it like an animal who senses your fear. The lack of our self boundaries is also sensed by others, especially by others still in the lower vibrations. Many will come to you just so they can feel a sense of power by being able to control or manipulate you, all because of their own insecurity and lack of power within themself. By being aware of this we can shift it and not allow any more of this in our life and reality. This becomes part of our being and integrates into our being.🧡

When we create respectful boundaries for ourself, it opens up many possibilities for us that weren’t available to us before. When one creates boundaries, one recognizes that they may have unknowingly been allowing others to treat them in a certain way and accepting that for themself ultimately making them hold lower worth and value for themself. We have all been there at one point or another, but shifting that NOW, changes everything for us in the grander scheme of things.🧡

Creating boundaries is also for our own protection to our personal energy, light body, and being. No ONE else but YOU, can create your personal boundaries. Others can teach us where we want to put them, but ltimately we create them for ourself and have to stand firm in them.🧡

What ends up happening along our journey is, everyone pushes us to our edge, sometimes over it, and triggers us in many ways until we finally throw up these boundaries. This happens if they aren’t already in place.🧡

What are you allowing to linger or stay in your life or around you? Is there anything that you don’t like or want to be there? A person? A situation? An environment or your surroundings? These are relevant questions to ask oneself to be able to monitor and see where a boundary must be placed. Be sure to stand firm in your boundaries as far as what you allow to stick to you and with you. Do not hold on to any of it and let it go. This is why detachment is important so we can observe from a higher perspective. Then we can see the broader picture. Never settle for less than you truly deeply know your value and worth to be. Then, the people around you and whom enters your life will also mirror this same form of respect and love back to you. Respect what you feel to be right, what you will not accept for yourself, and how you will be treated in your kingdom/queendom.🧡

Remember to stay firm in your boundaries and who you are LOVES.




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