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What are Harmonic Convergence and Harmonic Resonance?

Updated: Oct 21, 2019

Harmonic Convergence is the process of restoring the balance in one's heart. It is recognizing one's TRUE power and reclaiming it. The process of “Harmonic Convergence” is what we go through to get into our Full Harmonic Resonance of peace and love within ourself. This happens in our hearts and within our entire being. We learn what it means to claim our power as SOURCE energy/god/creator. We remove any lower vibrations, thoughts, habits, that no longer serve our highest vibration and higher good. Harmonic Convergence can also be referred to as Spiritual Ascension. One must go through the process and integrate these higher frequencies and way of being. There are lessons and teachings in every experience we encounter or observe during this process until we reach full self-realization. When the heart is balanced and merged with the mind, one finally comes together into “Harmonic Resonance”. One learns to observe and react in ways that keep their own energy balanced. We come to the knowing that we are one with our true power already, and we are consciously aware of who we are.💗

Harmonic convergence is on the personal level and also at the collective levels of the earth. This Earth is a central hub for the heart and we all share it together. We each share our individual gifts, stories, and love here. eartH = Heart. We are all special in our own way, each have an impact on this world, and it should be seen as such.💜

Harmonic Convergence is the deep process of reconnecting this bridge within oneself after one chooses to lower into the 3rd Density. One only does this to remember who they truly are and why they came here again. How quick this happens for you, is dependent on your decisions, resistance, and also your free will. We must be in allowance to the unfolding of our path and to the recognition of who we are again.💙

As we rise up and become more attuned to our divine nature and the spirit world again, this is where linear time disappears becomes only NOW moment. When this bridge is sealed and connected, infinite peace is our way of being and is also given to the world. Peace, Love, and wisdom take root within you and without. Life starts to flow more when we fully align to our true love, passions, and purpose.💚

To get to this Harmonic Resonance, one must also realize that they are already in this divine harmony and balance within. Thus, the bridge will be connected in the manifested world as well. What happens within, happens without in its own way, shape, and form. The only way one can move out of this harmony is by thinking, feeling, and believing differently which lowers one's frequency again. This requires facing complete darkness and all fear, doubt, worry, within oneself before the true peace can manifest in the physical. It makes us fully stand in our power and become the strongest version of ourself possible.💛

In “Legend of Korra” there is an episode even called “Harmonic Convergence”. I suggest watching it if you haven't watched the series. She finds balance with each element and also her heart. Just as Korra in her avatar self, we must also choose to move beyond the 3rd density and physical reality to further our expansion and growth in higher frequencies. We move beyond all fear, worry, and doubt. By learning this balance, we can truly live from our Higher Heart's Harmonic Resonance at peace.💗

After Harmonic Convergence is completed, we are much more in the flow of the NOW moment and let life unfold for us as we surrender to the beauty of it's arrangements and unfolding. We become conscious that we are the true creators of our life. We fully TRUST this Harmonic Resonance NOW.🧡

Harmonic Resonance is when one vibrates in a balanced state of heart and mind, and has claimed the true power as source energy and the essence of who they truly are. It is a harmonized and balanced UNION, a state of being. In Harmonic Resonance, the arc of light where we are fully balanced and aligned is lit up. It shines Golden-White Light bright. When in Harmonic resonance, we live through this bridge of UNITY. It is within us as well as without. As within, so without. Bridging this arc of light within us is key during Harmonic convergence. With full Harmonic Resonance, one is conscious and aware of the bridge that extends from the spiritual realm to the physical realm within them. When an individual reaches Harmonic Resonance within oneself, they also do this for the earth and be the light for others to see. One who reaches this resonance has paved another way home for all to see. Through Harmonic Convergence, one rises into the higher paradigm where they are now aligned to Harmonic Resonance WITH their heart.💫

Harmonic Resonance is also symbolic to one's heart and mind being in balance and at their optimum performance together as one. They are perfectly aligned when this frequency is reached. One is able to have full clarity, focus, and insight in each NOW moment and make conscious decisions in which are divinely guided. Harmonic Resonance is actually BEING in a state of Balance and Harmony. The Divine Masculine and Divine Feminine aspects of our Hue-man self become ONE and synced perfectly together. This is Divine UNION with ONEself. There is no separation, only ONENESS. Always. The White Sun, and Black Sun are merged as ONE. 🔆

528 Hz is the known frequency of the Golden Heart that has reached Harmonic Resonance. This can also be played or used as a frequency to balance, heal, and bring the heart back into alignment if need be.

In 2011 (11/11/11), there was a collective shift as ONE and together for many of us aware of this wave of energy and connection. We felt it deeply within us and we had this Harmonic Convergence take root within our being all so we could reach TRUE HARMONIC RESONANCE and UNION with self. 11/11/11 was a triple master number signifying the massive shift we had as ONE. Numbers are codes with certain frequencies. This is how we program reality in many ways. The times and dates numbers are moments that we can choose to go to. This is also why linear time is not truly where higher dimensional beings operate. We operate in the NOW and keep focus. We choose to keep the numbers in our reality that serve our highest good in each moment. All of the numbers are synced in our lives in each moment. Another massive collective shift of another wave of souls was the beginning to harmonic convergence In October 1987. 💓

There were many activations, light transmissions, integrations, lessons, boundaries to set, and other processes we needed to go through before we could fully integrate this connection, but eventually it took root fully within us, so it responded without as well. Singing and Music are amazing ways to be in harmony. Once we are in Harmonic Resonance, we can also tune into and access our higher abilites.

There are also many sacred sites and pyramids (including mayan pyramids) that we have the power to connect to even from long physical distances. Physical Distance doesn't matter for the energetic/light body. Each Mayan pyramid was also built as an arc and bridge to accessing our higher self, higher frequency abilities, and Harmonic Resonance. Pyramids are vortexes, portals, and gateways to other dimensions. If you physically are unable to get to a pyramid, then looking at pictures and connecting within can also help you envision this.💗

Some tools we may use to reach or stay in Harmonic Resonance and DIVINE UNION are:


528 Hz Harmonic Attunements


Sacred Geometry

Sacred Rituals


Crystals, Rocks

Being/hiking in Nature and with trees/animals

Rest when felt needed



Ultimately, we reach a point where we just fully KNOW that we are in Harmonic Resonance and Union. So it truly is a way of life and being. Once, reached, we continue to experience and rise even more into who we are as source creator. We follow our intuitional guidance and go where our heart calls us. We are ever expansive and there are infinite ideas or possibilities we can come up with to create. We also have the choice as to where we would love to go or what we would love to share with this world or even other worlds and dimensions. There is ALWAYS more that we can experience and that is one beautiful aspects of us in our true power.💜

Lots of LOVE my star brothers and sistars 💗🥰



Keep on shining LOVES 🔆⚡️🔥🦁🙏🏼

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